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Emerging Cocoon by Athena Dent

Emerging Cocoon

by Athena Dent

152 pages
Literary fiction. Drama. Sequel to "Silk".

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
"Emerging Cocoon" is the long-awaited sequel to the book, "Silk" (2008). This story about five generational women, who are best friends allows us to see the complexities and simplicities of friendship. Friendship is not scripted or rehearsed; so when Crystal, Joy, Margaret, Genny and Sylvia take a well-deserved trip to Belize, they had no idea of what was going to 'emerge' from this trip.

Betrayal, lies, secrets and surprises have not only 'transformed' this trip, but the ladies individually and as a whole. Will their friendship dissolve or remain in tact?. No matter the age or stage, friendship is ageless and timeless. This story is great for women and men, ages:18-60, book clubs and libraries. A GREAT read for all seasons!.


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About the Author
Athena Dent Athena Dent has been a Universal Writer (screenwriter, ghostwriter) for 30 years and an Author for 8 years. Mrs. Dent creates various genre stories; Children's, Education, Poetry and Literary fiction and uses them to educate, heal and inspire others. Mrs. Dent is a Mentor and Advocate; a wife and parent.



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