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Ettie, a Lady by Jessica Clews

Ettie, a Lady

by Jessica Clews

370 pages
Family ties and love across the ocean.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
When Jimmy Collins left America with his wife and baby, he returned to his native England seeking a better life for his family. His wife, Ettie, who was born in San Francisco and survived the 1906 earthquake, had no idea what fate had in store for her. She knew only that she had to escape from a hopeless love affair that had almost ruined her marriage. At least, she thought, in London the secret of her daughter’s birth would never be revealed.

As an innocent little maid in the O’Hara household, Ettie had faced hardship and learned to be self-sufficient. Set down in the strange new world of London, England, there were new challenges to overcome. Her young husband survived the First World War in the navy, but was felled by the scourge of Spanish influenza that swept the world. Ettie was left to raise her daughter, Bridie, alone. Fleeing from an avaricious father-in-law, she found a position as a maid in the prestigious Castleton Hotel.

Over the years, Ettie proved her worth and rose to the position of Housekeeper, enjoying a harmonious working relationship with the owner, Sir Albert Morrison. Content in her new life, Ettie’s world is suddenly turned upside-down by the arrival of Sean O’Hara and his wife. O’Hara, her ex-employee and one-time lover, has many business connections in London and has purchased the Castleton Hotel as his headquarters.

Once again, Ettie’s comfortable existence is threatened, as Bridie is drawn into the life of wealth enjoyed by the O’Hara family. When Katherine O’Hara invites Bridie to accompany her back to San Francisco, Ettie is fearful that after 17 years, her past will catch up with her. Will her daughter learn the truth about her parentage?


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About the Author
Born in London, England, Jessica emigrated to the United States for family reasons. After living in Massachusetts, she spent several years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She now lives in Lynn, Massachusetts.



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