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Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers by Johnny Townsend

Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers

by Johnny Townsend

246 pages
Mormons tell stories while waiting out the Apocalypse in Utah.

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About the Book
During the Apocalypse, a group of Mormon survivors in Hurricane, Utah gather in the home of the Relief Society president, telling stories to pass the time as they ration their food storage and await the Second Coming. But this is no ordinary group of Mormons—or perhaps it is. They are the faithful, feminist, gay, apostate, and repentant, all working together to help each other through the darkest days any of them have yet seen.

A story in the style of The Canterbury Tales or The Decameron, but with a Mormon twist.


In Invasion of the Spirit Snatchers, “Townsend, a confident and practiced storyteller, skewers the hypocrisies and eccentricities of his characters with precision and affection. The outlandish framing narrative is the most consistent source of shock and humor, but the stories do much to ground the reader in the world—or former world—of the characters... A funny, charming tale about a group of Mormons facing the end of the world.
- Kirkus Reviews


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About the Author
Johnny Townsend earned an MFA from Louisiana State University and has published 25 books, six of which were named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of the Year. He also published "Let the Faggots Burn," an account of the UpStairs Lounge fire, and was an Associate Producer of the documentary "Upstairs Inferno."



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