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MUSES and CONSUMMATIONS by Douglas Wicken


by Douglas Wicken

264 pages
A musician and a dancer passionately pursue artistic freedom.

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Category: Fiction:Literary
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About the Book
Damon Farrell is a 60-year-old jazz pianist and college professor who has learned to survive alone with his creative passion since his wife left him in 1972. He lives in a small apartment above The Concept, a Toronto jazz club where he and his quintet perform high energy hard bop several nights a week.

Naomi Parsons, a 28-year-old contemporary dancer seeks more adventure and freedom than the company she currently dances with is willing to explore. She also battles with concerns about her own sexuality and family complications.

Both protagonists experience disturbing nightmares and visions, which cause them each to seek therapeutic assistance from Dr. Kinderman, a psychotherapist specializing in illusions and delusions of the creative mind.

A chance meeting at The Concept, followed by another at a café in the Village, offers Naomi and Damon an opportunity for their muses to connect, and electricity is produced. Their otherwise mundane lives become recharged, despite the many differences between them.

Driven by their muses, Naomi and Damon embark on a passionate quest for freedom in their art. In the process they discover answers to the dark secrets within their complex lives, and the liberties they were searching for.

During their quests they are able to conquer the fears and demons that haunt them, and they discover aspects of their identities that connect them to past events and to the families they never knew.

MUSES and CONSUMMATIONS is not a book of answers, but of questions. Is freedom in art, and subsequently in life, possible? Does freedom come from breaking the rules or from ignoring them altogether? Can a young lesbian maintain a meaningful relationship with an older straight man? Can the sincerity of friendship and love prevail over lust? Can people remember events that occurred before they were born? Can true faith, spirituality, and morality exist without religion? Can the integrity of honest creative individuals override the commercial hype that permeates the world of musicians and artists?

These and other questions are raised through the philosophical mind of a jazz musician and the meditative explorations of a contemporary dancer.

Art is Life; Life is Art.



About the Author
Douglas Wicken MUSES and CONSUMMATIONS is Douglas Wicken’s debut novel. The Canadian writer, jazz musician and photojournalist taught for 28 years in the Photojournalism program at Loyalist College (Belleville) and published two previous books of documentary photographs, Manitou Miniss (1982) and Nicaragua Portfolio (1991). He resides in southern Ontario.



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