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Animals All by Ben Alba

Animals All

by Ben Alba

392 pages
A science fiction psychological thriller. Villainy, tiny robots, assassination, love.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
A group of ordinary people are randomly thrown together in a court-ordered anger management group.

Set in West Michigan, one of them, Liam Macaulay, a cynical and flamboyant professor at River State University with a deep secret past, slowly realizes that one member of the group is a murderous villain, ruthlessly determined to overthrow the political and economic powers of the status quo in order to usher in a “better world.” Liam shares his alarm with some others and together they set out to ruin the villain’s plans.

The conflicts of ends and means, of innocence and guilt, of science in service to technology, of the apparent absence of any divine power in the face of life’s rampant evils, all get in the way of a clear sense of what must be done.

Liam and the others race to prevent the villain’s first assassination, intended to be a convincing demonstration of his new and devastating weaponry.

Along the way, an unlikely, touching love story develops; characters’ lives deepen and are enriched. Liam’s brother, Father Angus Macaulay, priest of the parish of St. Francis, offers advice and counsel, echoes of a fading culture sounding down the corridors of this futuristic, but not too distant, threat.

This is a book about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If it happens in West Michigan, it can happen anywhere.



About the Author
Ben Alba Ben Alba brings over four decades’ expertise in philosophy, world religions, and mythology to his fiction writing. Having lived, studied, and worked in Europe and North America, his background is richly varied. He lives in Michigan with his wife, enjoying grandparenthood, golf, and wine, all supervised by their pug.



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