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STONES and BONES: The Crystal People Speak by S. D. Anderson

STONES and BONES: The Crystal People Speak

by S. D. Anderson

246 pages
Abbie, Sam and Ty risk their lives rescuing the Stones.

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Category: Fiction:Young Adult
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About the Book
Astro-Archeologist Ty Collingwood has been missing since before his doctoral valediction at university. Abbie’s guides send her a vision showing the location where Ty is being held prisoner. She and Sam, her fraternal twin, plan a rescue. Simple? Not Really!

Doggedly pursued by foreign speaking droids, our three protagonists become ensnared in more than a simple rescue.

As they try to locate the rest of the original stones Ty and Abbie had found on a previous dig, they clash with the nefarious Dr. Durenberg. His diabolical plan is to use the stones to create an army of humanoids to infiltrate and take over the universe, one star system at a time.

Our unsuspecting heroes are launched into a galactic adventure fraught with explosions, noxious gas, imprisonment on a remote moon base, and hurled into space in trash inspacerators. With an inkling of romance in the mix, they travel the galaxy from Ceres to Venus to Alnitak in pursuit of truth, justice and whatever else is needed to save the universe, with a little help from the GBI (Galactic Bureau of Inquiry).


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About the Author
S. D. Anderson Sharon D. Anderson, PhD, RMT, is an Indie Author/Publisher, dedicated to her craft for 20+ years. All of her books, fiction and non-fiction, maintain a visionary perspective from both Eastern and Western philosophies. Living on Cape Cod, she participates in a weekly writers group through the Cape Cod Writers Center.



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