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THE IGBO PEOPLE: Culture and Character by Mazi O. Ojiaku

THE IGBO PEOPLE: Culture and Character

by Mazi O. Ojiaku

198 pages
Forces that shaped the Igbo Personality: why and how.

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Category: Social Science
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About the Book
Tracing the origin of the Igbo people back to the Bantu in antiquity, and exploring the etymology of the word Igbo, the author notes that, although the name is not native to the language, the people have always inhabited the same geo-physical environment, held similar worldview and shared, in all its diversity, the same culture. Out of this common ecology and cosmology emerged the Igbo Personality: the egalitarian democrat and collective individualist, Pan-Nigerian in outlook.



About the Author
Mazi O. Ojiaku Mazi Okoro Ojiaku, Masters, Harvard, Ph.D. Berkeley; once Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, and later, University of California, Berkeley. Retired Director, Federal Civil Service of Nigeria. Author, 'Yesteryear in Umu-Akha: History and Evolution of an Igbo Community; 1665 - 1999'(2008); 'The Igbo People: Culture and Character', (2015).



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