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Hawkins Investigations - Jackal In Coyote Den by D.M. Simonds

Hawkins Investigations - Jackal In Coyote Den

by D.M. Simonds

376 pages
Jenna's client from beyond must help her find a killer.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
How many times have you heard of a crime committed in your neighborhood or, even next door and wished the victim of such a horrible act would have had a voice in solving the crime against them? Yes, what if… Well then, let us start out with the words of this victim.

My name is Itza Ahiga.
I was a Navajo home health nurse who had seen the wrong of fraud in our medical system in an agency that was supposed to help and not hurt. For daring to tell my truth, or even to stand up among my fellow nurses and say this is wrong, my body has been dumped and torched under San Antonio’s Hays Street Bridge.

It is my hope and prayer as my spirit hovers above the SAPD detectives who have discovered my body and extinguish the flames that they will be empowered to bring my killers to their law and order.

It is my hope the evidence I have sent home to my family will find its way into the hands of my sister-in-law who believes the truth should be heard, and not silenced, for even though she is not a full blood Navajo, Jenna is one of us. In her heart, mind and soul resides a great respect for the Diné...The People.

Enter Jenna Beard in her first official case as a newly licensed private investigator specializing in cult related-family issues hired to find the killer of her husband’s adopted sister. With assistance of U.S. Army Retired, Major Thor Hawkins, her husband Freddie and their son Justin, she must work with first on the scene homicide detectives Bent Graham and Rick Eslora. Together they discover corruption high up in the SAPD ranks, into the mayor’s office involving a dark horse presidential candidate connected to a satanic coven of globalist Bilderberg elite.

If you really stop to think about it, to these rich and powerful elites life is cheap. If you take the time to do the research, humanity itself is considered by them to be nothing more than commoner cockroaches. And once you reside in the dark side those rules the rest of us must obey are not theirs. In light of this, the working family on the road team of Hawkins Investigations is destined to become the PI suspense series for these dire times we live in.


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About the Author
D.M. Simonds D.M. Simonds is a nurse turned full time RVer, writer and creator of the Hawkins Investigations series. Her next suspense novel from today’s headlines will be a stand-alone from the great southwest.



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