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Range War Legacy by Patricia Stinson

Range War Legacy

by Patricia Stinson

178 pages
Cattle and sheep war tears family apart.

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Category: Fiction:Westerns
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About the Book
Creed Connelly sympathizes with the cattle men who belong to the Sheep Shooters Association. He boasts he knows the identity of the members. He is assassinated by two fatal gunshots to the heart. The inquest rules it a suicide.

Molly Langster is ten years old and oblivious to tensions between cattle and sheep men. She does become aware of tensions between her parents and her uncle and aunt.

Molly and her parents witness the massacre of three sheep men and a thousand sheep. They know who the killers are. Molly's father makes her promise to never tell who the riders were for that would put their lives in jeopardy. Her parents, uncle, aunt, and two cousins are drawn into distrust, anger and violence.

Years later Molly marries a forest ranger who tries to keep peace between the two factions. Her secret stands between them.

The actions of her uncle, aunt and cousins have a profound effect on the family.

Molly starts a library in an effort to help the people become aware there is life outside of their small world.

Then a Vietnamese war bride comes to town. Prejudice rears its head again.



About the Author
Patricia Stinson Patricia lives in Minnesota. She loves western and English riding. She taught elementary grades in Minneapolis and in the jungle of New Guinea where she ate lunch with a cannibal. Fortunately,the lunch consisted of vegetables. She enjoys writing historical fiction and murder mysteries.



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