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INNARDS SANCTUM, OFFAL SANCTORUM: The What, How and Where of Eating Offal by Lenny Karpman

INNARDS SANCTUM, OFFAL SANCTORUM: The What, How and Where of Eating Offal

by Lenny Karpman

328 pages
Guide to offal eating: what to eat, how and where.

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Category: Food
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About the Book
In this new era of nose-to-tail eating, many of us need a primer on organ and appendage parts of animals called offal. Understanding demystifies. This book offers historical and cultural background together with definitions, descriptions, buying and preparing tips, select recipes, locations of noted offal emporia, typical offal dishes in dozens of countries for the traveler to discover and/or the adventurous cook to prepare, health related issues from the cardiologist/author, and a bibliography of related tomes.

In a time when we waste nearly half of all the food produced on the planet in the face of massive hunger, we need to embrace a new paradigm reincorporating foods back into our diet that once helped keep the wolf of starvation away from the door. Creative chefs everywhere are elevating humble ingredients to glorious new heights.

Dr. Karpman practiced cardiology for more than three decades. He has visited more than a hundred countries and apprenticed in a fine French restaurant. He has written literally hundreds of combined articles, chapters in anthologies and entire books on food, travel, cooking and restaurant reviews. His style is personal, informative, narrative and often humorous.



About the Author
Lenny Karpman writes from his farm/animal refuge in Costa Rica. He has authored nine books. His three hundred credits include articles and reviews in magazines, newspapers and anthologies including the following: Best travel Writing 2005, Salon, Dallas Morning News, Newark Star Ledger, Pittsburgh Post Gazette and San Francisco Examiner.



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