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TB: Welcome To The Sphere by Rayleigh Light

TB: Welcome To The Sphere

by Rayleigh Light

402 pages
An alien struggles with an abduction, a mission, and life.

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Category: Fiction
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About the Book
Trojen, is a very successful, and extremely powerful man. Except he is no man at all. He is a cross between humans and an alien species called Mataerans. An alien species which possesses not only the ability to hone their senses on a near molecular level, but also possesses the ability to shift through the laws that govern time. As a result of his uniqueness, Trojen is one of many soldiers apart of an organization responsible for policing the Universe....

On a very unsuspecting night during a charity event as Trojen is recalled to his spaceship for a mission, he inadvertently abducts Mae Fitzpatrick. A seemingly ordinary housewife who is, in fact, not ordinary at all... Mae and Trojen must learn to live with each other as well as with the diverse members of the crew, in order to prepare for a mission that no one understands.

But as the clock counts down it becomes a rush against time when an ordinary mission begins to look more and more like preparations for an unfathomable war. Will the preparations be enough? Can Trojen, Mae and the others learn to coexist quickly enough so that they may have a chance for survival? Time will tell...



About the Author
Rayleigh Light loves travelling and writing. Her adventures have taken her on many walks of life to meet many different types of people. She possess a vast array of knowledge that, although has not made her an expert of something, has given her a little bit of know-how about everything. By having consistently written down all of her experiences over the decades, she has claimed herself “blessed” to be able to go over life's lessons, which have remained prevalent time and time again.



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