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A Day at the Temple by Johnny Townsend

A Day at the Temple

by Johnny Townsend

228 pages
Gays try to find a place in the Mormon Church.

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About the Book
In this collection of Mormon short stories, the LDS Church issues a survey about sexual orientation but neglects to allow "gay" as an answer. A young couple find themselves hopelessly trapped in the temple. An anatomically male, inwardly female transgender feels guilty for holding the priesthood as a woman. A bishop's wife organizes a sex boycott among the leaders' wives until the Church agrees to ordain women. Noah explains God's childhood secret that was the real impetus behind the Flood. A lesbian has a hysterectomy to protest the Church's ban on same-sex families. A man redecorates his house with Mormon art as a surprise for his husband. A Jewish transgender tries to get a job with Deseret Book.


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About the Author
Johnny Townsend earned an MFA at Louisiana State University and has published extensively. His books, The Abominable Gayman, Marginal Mormons, and The Mormon Victorian Society, were named to Kirkus Reviews' Best of 2011, 2012, and 2013.



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