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To Chase a Blooded Diamond by Peter Stone

To Chase a Blooded Diamond

by Peter Stone

474 pages
A dangerous Diamond story of thrilling action, love and loyalty.

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
This fast-paced, dramatic, action-packed thriller, To Chase a Blooded Diamond, is based on the immense, incredible, wielding power of an alien diamond. It hooks international intelligences, that fight for its desperate, so necessary capture. This is where political powers force love, loyalty and greed to be used, in certain dangerous missions. Such jeopardy passionately creates new bonded friendships, in some mysterious desire.

Hard Boss, Russian born Andreus Redrov, and his American associate, Ex-CIA agent Jake Dent, together with the team, soon find themselves in hot political dangers. Their increasing efforts to control the 'blooded diamond' are a race against time. Eventually, 'mass world social media' comes into play, allowing everyone to know just what might very well be accomplished.

Government and political criminality are eventually out-witted, by this loyal London based international diamond gang, whose moral strain create a great passion for greed and revenge, leading them to dangerous enactments.

Eventually, for the greater good, the 'alien intelligent diamond', is used to solve man's ever increasing energy problems. Universal energy politics is to be changed forever, for the greater good of mankind. The present global capitalistic system, in now seriously under threat.

This story is certainly so relevant to our times. Our world continuously searches for the ultimate 'naturally created power source'. When governed by a certain philosophical great understanding, this would enable all on the planet to be in harmony, with nature, and the needs of all.

With this mind, the book brings forth great personalities, who in the end, aspire to 'the greater good', for the whole world. In their most dangerous efforts and sufferings, a new beginning starts to dramatically appear, on the global horizon.



About the Author
Peter Stone is an undercover detective living with his family in Switzerland. A certain day has now come when he has found the time to set his own imagination free. Justice has always been the hardest part of his job. This is why he has been driven to write fiction.



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