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THE PUZZLE: Some Reassembly Required by Katherine Devlin Flood

THE PUZZLE: Some Reassembly Required

by Katherine Devlin Flood

464 pages
Read how Kati Flood rebuilds after a devastating car accident.

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Category: Autobiography
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About the Book
In the very early morning hours in mid-October quite a few years ago, Judy Devlin awoke with the early symptoms of going into labor. She and her husband arrived at the hospital and went through the typical experience as any new child enters the world. Katherine Amelia Devlin was officially born at 6:30 am. With the passage of time, Kati’s life seemed to be guided in an almost charmed manner. There were some minor disasters along the way, but nothing that really qualified as unexpected or truly traumatic. Summers were primarily spent sailing and winters skiing. Other adventures involved Bermuda and England.

Life was comfortably guided along this path, until that awful day in mid–June of 1985. Her education was almost complete. She had goals, hopes, and dreams for a positive future. Suddenly, all of the pieces that had been so carefully arranged were thrown drastically out of place. Her book, The Puzzle; Some Reassembly Required, covers the time period from her horrible car accident through her marriage – the breakthroughs along with the failures. Great encouragement sincerely offered by friends and strangers was greatly appreciated and helped her to recover from a long coma and horrific predictions to become a productive member of society. With simply browsing through The Puzzle, her words draw vivid pictures in your imagination.



About the Author
Katherine Devlin Flood Katherine Devlin Flood grew up in Connecticut and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology. While a student, her life changed suddenly from a horrible car accident leaving her in a coma for months. Somehow, she managed to mend her life. She, now, lives in PA with her husband and daughter.



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