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Flashes & Shorts: An Eclectic Mixture of Flash Fiction and Short Stories by JR Hume

Flashes & Shorts: An Eclectic Mixture of Flash Fiction and Short Stories

by JR Hume

200 pages
An eclectic mixture of flash fiction and short stories.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Consider the android. Body of metal and plastic. Electronics and hydraulics instead of nerves and muscle. A robot -- save for one exception. The exotic structure of the android brain contains the memories, the impulses, the very mind of a human who once lived and breathed in organic form. When death enfolded the physical man, the patterns of his brain were scanned and transferred to an android brain. Does the man still exist? Is he human? He speaks, moves, thinks, and acts like a man, but much of his humanity cannot be replicated. His companion of twenty years, before and after he became a droid, is near the end of life. Can an android feel love and loss? Perhaps the definition of human is not so clear.

Will Earth always be home to humans? Or will those who spend their lives elsewhere come to identify themselves with other worlds? Some long for the cruel beauty of Mars.

Once generated, thoughts course slow in iron. Fire, steam and speed are the universe of a streamlined steam locomotive, until he falls in love with a clockwork figure, a dancer glimpsed along the line. Explore the creation of that which did not exist before love entered a lonely steel heart.

A prince, bemused by a woman who may be a witch, makes his way into a castle long surrounded by a wall of thorns. Waiting amid a heap of rotted timber and dry bones is a crystal topped coffin. Within lies a beautiful maiden. Though warned by his own senses that the thing within is dangerous, the prince breaks the crystal. Uh-oh.

Good cop, bad cop plays out in the caves of Mars. Take two corrupt Martian cops, one sort of good guy supplier of pirated goods, a horde of vengeful thugs, and mix well. Throw in a UN cop lusting for the good guy's girl and a small country back on Earth that wants to draft this same good Joe. How do we get out of this mess?

Investigate a murder in Purgatory, accompany seven misshapen Spartans on a mission to close the back gate of Hell, and watch as the Last Auditor deals with a final problem just before the end of the Universe.

Flashes and Shorts contains humor, tragedy, and hope, mixed with the improbable. Many of the stories in the collection belong to no certain genre, existing in a murky reality of their own.



About the Author
JR Hume was born in Montana and raised on a small farm. He served in the US Army from 1965 to 1968, including a year in Vietnam.  He has been an air traffic controller, an auto mechanic and fleet buyer for a Colorado city.



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