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Heckler! Tales of a Stand-Up Comic and His Quest to Get the Last Laugh by Bobby Kelton

Heckler! Tales of a Stand-Up Comic and His Quest to Get the Last Laugh

by Bobby Kelton

124 pages
A comedian's backstage tales from TV and comedy clubs

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About the Book
Heckler! chronicles the odyssey of comedian Bobby Kelton, who morphed from a shy kid growing up on Long Island, New York, to a comedy star on "The Tonight Show " and at Caesars Palace.

From the intimate comedy clubs in New York and Los Angeles to the big-time stages of Las Vegas, Bobby's stories of hecklers, stage-rushers and unexpected showstoppers prove how tough it is to be a stand-up comedian. He shares behind-the-scenes tales from backstage at "The Tonight Show," touring with Tom Jones, trading barbs with Mickey Mantle, causing havoc with Larry David, and accidentally flattening Gladys Knight during a tennis match with her Pips: "If she had been really angry with me, I easily could have ended up on a midnight train to Georgia."

Heckler! is a funny and poignant look at a comedian's journey and the ups and downs of making people laugh for a living.


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About the Author
Bobby Kelton Comedian Bobby Kelton has accomplished what many can only dream of: he has appeared on "The Tonight Show " 21 times. Bobby's classic observational style appeals to people of all ages. He is also the author of the hilarious dating book, Please Don't Let This Be Her!.



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