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Touchstone Skills for Authentic Communication by Genna Murphy and Shauna Ries

Touchstone Skills for Authentic Communication

by Genna Murphy and Shauna Ries

212 pages
The Touchstone communication pathway to authentic personal and professional liberation.

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Category: Business:Communications
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About the Book
The authors invite you to incorporate the Touchstone Skills of questioning, reflecting and reframing, as you walk this Pathway for Authentic Communication and notice your family-self, professional-self, and community-self merge as one integrated and liberated being. When you are truly self-liberated, you no longer have to focus on you. You just are who you are, pure, open and forthright. It is this understanding of the need to just be that creates open-mindedness to be just to one another.

Just as the earlier volume by Ries & Harter, In Justice, inAccord addressed the processes of engagement necessary to understand and implement the Touchstone Skills in acute conflict; this current volume addresses the underlying concepts, reflected in the stones on the cover, that lead to mutual understanding and consideration. Each time you enter this Pathway, you become more liberated from old patterns and habits and self-aware of your own true purpose, thus disentangled from a particular situation.


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About the Author
Shauna Ries, LCSW brings an impassioned voice and vision to her role as Co-founder of Mediators Without Borders and InAccord Justice Centers, Ltd. in collaboration with co-author Genna Murphy and created the empirically-tested InAccord Conflict Analysis Model for Alternative Dispute Resolution, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Harter.



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