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Things My Father Taught Me - Lessons in Life by Verwayne Greenhoe

Things My Father Taught Me - Lessons in Life

by Verwayne Greenhoe

92 pages
The transition to manhood using loving examples of his Father.

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Category: Family
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About the Book
Growing up is hard enough to do under normal circumstances but when a parent goes that extra step to emotionally bond with a child, it makes it much easier.

Growing up on a farm, Life is always busy and full of challenges. Although he held two jobs to help the family break even, my Father gave me insights on how he handled Life's everyday problems.

From my early childhood fear of thunderstorms to handling my self in tight situations, he would offer up old sayings or sit and explain why somethings were just the way they were and I had to learn to adapt if I was to survive.

Using soft words and tender guidance, he helped me understand the way to becoming a responsible adult. I didn't always appreciate his guidance then but now, whenever I find myself in trouble, I can close my eyes and hear his words come back to me and I know what has to be done.

Without these lessons, I am positive that my life would have been much more complicated. I am thankful every day for every minute I had with him and I did my best to emulate his actions as our own two children grew up. I know I failed in many times and places but our children have grown to become responsible adults and I know that my Father would be very proud of them.

Times have changed since I was young but I still think that these 'Lessons in Life' can be useful to most young parents yet today.

Verwayne Greenhoe



About the Author
Verwayne Greenhoe Verwayne was raised in a small rural west Michigan town with four brothers and two sisters. He became a paramedic and later a nurse. He has traveled all over America and has been to Europe but firmly believes 'there is no place like home!'



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