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Dangerous Curves by Robert John Andrews

Dangerous Curves

by Robert John Andrews

302 pages
Follow Rick's adventures in Honduras, both romantic and dangerous.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
Curvas Peligrosas (Dangerous Curves) refers to road signs in Honduras and life in general.

It will take the beautiful brutality of Honduras, a dangerous romance, and a devastating hurricane to heal a wounded Rick. Wounded? Yes, Rick brings his wounds to Honduras. After a cramped and uncomfortable flight, him stuck in the middle seat, he enters the confusion of Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, where he is the alien on unknown soil. Rick, a Middle School history teacher, is a reluctant member of a mission team from Pennsylvania. His pastor, Don, thought it would do him some good. Why he said, ‘yes,’ Rick doesn't know.

Rick’s defensiveness, condescension, and sarcasm begin to be seen by some members of the team as hiding a deeper hurt and loneliness than mere bleeding flesh might suggest -- such as Deb, a giggling blonde anxious to please, looking for adventure and a thrill, who is quick to empathize with others; such as Larry and Wendy, both nurses who handle the messes of life with proficiency and bawdy humor; such as Rick’s own pastor, Don, who is Rick’s moral compass; such as Sam Ramirez, the mission team leader who as a Mexican-American helps to bridge the two cultures of Gringo and Honduran, giving Rick private glimpses into the Honduran world. Miguel, Gabriel, and Teresa, workers for the local organization hosting and serving the mission team, find these Gringos equally amusing and puzzling. Often they find the Gringos frustrating. It’s Gringo TV to them.

Then come more curves, when Rick meets Carolyn Rose, a mission intern worker from the United States, who carries her own wounds.

All this takes place in the midst of the heartache of Honduras and dying babies in remote villages, the vibrant poverty of Honduras itself, the playfulness and irritations of the other mission team members, fireworks, festivals, and dancing in Copan, the bravery of a deferential van driver.

Add to these surprises a jealous Honduran aristocrat named Tomas, who is prone to persuasion, pride, and knives. He also believes Carolyn Rose belongs to him. Disloyalty cannot be tolerated.

Ultimately arrives the most unexpected of curves: a hurricane spinning in from the Caribbean and slamming the land, patterned upon the actual Hurricane Mitch which left thousands dead and 1.5 million homeless. We witness a collision of forces.

The mission team is ordered to evacuate, but Rick has a debt to pay and a score to settle. How can he leave? This unsettled business will be decided on the roads. It won’t be a question of luck.



About the Author
Robert John Andrews, columnist and author of the Civil War historical fiction Nathaniel’s Call, has served since 1989 as a pastor of the Grove Presbyterian Church of Danville, Pennsylvania, where he resides with his wife Elaine. He is a graduate of Hobart College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Pittsburgh Seminary.



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