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Revealing The Mystery Of Iniquity by Richelle Ivey

Revealing The Mystery Of Iniquity

by Richelle Ivey

62 pages
Spiritual book uncovering hidden truths, concerning God, Satan, and humanity.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
Revealing The Mystery Of Iniquity brings to light hidden truths concerning God, Satan, and the human race. The pages in this book, unveils the spiritual truth about ourselves, and the invisible forces influencing our behaviors.

If you have ever wondered why you canít stop certain immoral behaviors on your own, the answers are in this book.

Light is shed upon the fall of Satan; the birth of iniquity; and the effect that it has upon humanity. Exposed are the secret plots, and schemes of Satan, and his demons, working through man to keep man apart from God, and away from the salvation plan, God has established for mankind.

After reading this book you will gain a better understanding between the distinction of sin and iniquity.

Based upon scriptures from the bible, spiritual explanations are revealed concerning some of the most controversial subjects of our time. Truth shall be manifested concerning homosexuality, lesbianism, and the great debate of being born gay.

By the scriptures from the Holy Bible, it shall be made perfectly clear: the name of God in this dispensation; the correct way to be baptized; the need for baptism by water and by Spirit; why it is necessary to be born again, and so much more shall be found in this little book.

The information contained in this book is thought-provoking and will enlighten the minds of those that read it. This study aid to the bible will challenge your conscience, and compel you to take action for your soul.



About the Author
Richelle Ivey, is an Evangelist and first time author of a spiritual non-fiction book. In the year of 1994 God called and saved her. She became a duly licensed and ordained minister in 1999. Faithful to the calling of God, her work and service to the Lord continues this day.



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