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The Diary of an Overcomer by Daisy Copelin

The Diary of an Overcomer

by Daisy Copelin

120 pages
Hope, overcomer, true love, lesbianism, God, inspirational, Christian, freedom, victory, triumph

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
A woman revisits her childhood; the account of her diary depicts memories of a child deprived of love. Memories of ongoing years of sexual, phsical and verbal abuse begin to resurface. However an indescribable yearning for God caused her to seek out refuge in the church at fourteen. Her youth leader saw in her the potential to preach and she began preaching the gospel at fifteen. Unfortunately due to her inability to comprehend the love God had for her, she simply felt unlovable. Struggling, she began experimenting with drugs and alcohol, thereby, living a double life leading to her backsliding and falling into a lifestyle consisting of promiscuity with women. Believing that she failed God miserably and would never get a second chance, April 6th, 2008 God gave her a second chance healed, restored, transformed and delivered her and raised her up to be an overcomer. Find out how you too can discover the overcomer in you.



About the Author
Daisy Copelin Daisy Copelin is an author, writer and spoken word poet who uses her gift to minister the very heart of God though writing.Her hearts desire is to share with the world the loving, redeeming, transforming and delivering power of God.



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