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Seashell Echoes: A Tribute to a Loving Warrior by Anthony Menzel

Seashell Echoes: A Tribute to a Loving Warrior

by Anthony Menzel

148 pages
This book memorializes a loving warrior named Minna Menzel.

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Category: Writing:Creative Writing:Poetry
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About the Book
Seashell Echoes is a tribute to a loving warrior, for this poetry collection is dedicated to Anthony Menzel's grandmother Minna. An ethnic German born in Poland, Minna Menzel had to be a warrior: She was a stateless refugee following World War II, who fled her family's farm at age 18. She later immigrated to the United States with two children and three dollars in her pocket, and she had to work two jobs for most of her life in order to support her family.

Despite her difficult circumstances, Minna always strove to use love as her greatest weapon. The author believes that Minna's legacy of love and strength will be an inspiration to those who read about her, just as it has been to her family.

All of the poems in this collection have special significance for the author because Seashell Echoes includes many of his earliest poems. Moreover, he read many of these poems to his grandmother Minna. Even though he was only fourteen at the time, Minna took his work seriously, and she became one of the first people to encourage him regarding his writing pursuits.

The poems in this collection that do not specifically describe Minna span a wide variety of topics, ranging from nature's beauty to the ills of modern society. Throughout Seashell Echoes, the author shifts back and forth between despair and divine joy, resulting in a reading experience that is both moving and full of hope.



About the Author
Anthony Menzel Anthony Menzel is an author, a Senior Pastor, and a high school science teacher. In addition to Seashell Echoes, Menzel's English-language books include a novel, which is entitled Justice for Carmen. He has also published a Spanish-English bilingual poetry compilation and four bilingual poetry collections.



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