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SECRETS FROM SESAME STREET'S PIONEERS: How They Produced a Successful Television Series by Lucille Dr. Burbank

SECRETS FROM SESAME STREET'S PIONEERS: How They Produced a Successful Television Series

by Lucille Dr. Burbank

192 pages
Sesame Street is on its 45th year: Let's discover the secret to its success.

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About the Book
In the history of broadcasting, there has never been a children's television series that has lasted 40 years. Sesame Street is on its 45th year! So, let's discover the secrets to its success by meeting the pioneers. Go behind the scenes and talk with the producers about Muppets, music, and special effects. Be in front of the camera with the talent as actors or puppeteers. Find out from the researchers what works and why. Enjoy nostalgic moments such as Big Bird's experiences, Henson's Muppets, and the game, "One of These Things is Not Like the Others." Finally, travel internationally to places such as the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Russia, and the Latin American countries to explore different productions of Sesame Street.

Journey with me now for an exciting adventure! You'll meet famous people such as Joan Cooney, who's responsible for the creation of Sesame Street. Caroll Spinney, who plays Big Bird and (did you know) Oscar the Grouch too, and tells you how the Grouch got his voice. Producer Jon Stone, called "the soul of Sesame Street," talks about humor, puppets, and keeping the show fresh. Jane Henson, wife and creative partner of Jim Henson, shares their thinking on the role of fantasy in a children's show. Long-time Actor Bob McGrath talks about acting with Oscar the Grouch. Emily Perl Kingsley, writer since 1970, brings special education to the forefront with her son, Jason. And Jeff Moss, known for his popular song "Rubber Duckie," gets down to basics on songwriting and scriptwriting.



About the Author
Lucille Dr. Burbank Dr. Lucille Burbank has worked in educational media, as a consultant for the Sesame Workshop, NASA, and the New Jersey Department of Civil Service. She has taught media design and production courses at various community colleges and was a media coordinator for the Eastern Pennsylvania Regional Resource Center for Special Education.



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