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Rabbi Yeshua: The Human Side of Jesus by Samuel Sackett

Rabbi Yeshua: The Human Side of Jesus

by Samuel Sackett

442 pages
Fictional biography of Jesus of Nazareth

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
"Sam Sackett's Rabbi Yeshua is wise, well written, astonishing in its learning, free from cant and gifted in its sense of time and place." -- Robert Day, author of Where I Am Now

Rabbi Yeshua is a fictional biography of Jesus of Nazareth, based on both canonical and apocryphal sources, placing him in his Jewish milieu and his historical setting.

There had been Jewish uprisings intended to establish the Kingdom of God in Palestine; the Romans had put them down brutally, killing thousands of Jews. Yeshua hoped to prevent another slaughter by teaching that the Kingdom of God is within you. But the Sanhedrin, the Jewish religious hierarchy, found that threatening.



About the Author
Samuel Sackett After Sam Sackett received his Ph.D. from UCLA, he was a university professor for 23 years before burning out on teaching. He went into journalism, then advertising, then public relations, then career management, and finally retirement. He has published four previous novels.



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