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The Leisure Consultant's Guide to Happiness by Larry Gross

The Leisure Consultant's Guide to Happiness

by Larry Gross

146 pages
Simple tips on attitudes and behaviors for happiness and relaxation.

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About the Book
The Leisure Consultant’s Guide to Happiness was written to share my opinions, ideas, and methods that have helped me learn to relax a little more, be kinder to myself and others, and be happier more often than not.

I really don't consider myself much of an author. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year of watching all of the turmoil and sadness in the world through the media, I quite frankly, had had enough; so I decided to help in my unique way.

I have had a science-fiction book rattling around my brain for years but never took the time to write anything down. The phrase “Leisure Consultant” literally “popped” into my head and I couldn’t let it go until I started writing. Originally, my thoughts were to just keep this a book of how I used various items for comfort sake; for example, purchasing 100% cotton sheets and a really powerful showerhead....

But then I realized that by creating more comfortable moments in my life, I was happier because I felt good! So I started thinking about other things that made me feel good such as meditation, spending time in nature, playing music...and the book evolved into a self-help book about bringing more happiness into one’s life.

I designed this book to be a light, easy read with a little humor and practical advice. I even had the print be 14 pt. rather than your typical 12 pt. so it would be just a little easier to see. I wanted lots of pictures! I love a book with pictures! LOL!

I truly hope you enjoy my book!



About the Author
Larry Gross Larry Gross considers himself to be just a regular person who wants to live in a world that is more peaceful and less stressful. Larry believes that one way to create this type of world is for people like you to start consciously bringing more happiness into your life.



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