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Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing, Second Edition by Lucile Moore

Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing, Second Edition

by Lucile Moore

168 pages
Complete resource for detailed information on pet rabbit nutrition.

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Category: Animals
About the Book
Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing provides rabbit owners a resource in which they can find current information on rabbit diet summarized and presented in terms the layperson can understand. Information on each nutrient and how it affects the rabbit’s physiology is provided, along with signs of nutrient deficiencies and excesses. The nutritional content of many rabbit-safe foods is given in easy-to-read tables and a detailed index makes it easy to search for specific information.

This expanded second edition contains additional illustrations, information on the nutritional value of several specialty fruits and vegetables, and a new chapter on special diets. Other topics covered include mycotoxins, phytonutrients, how to select hay and commercial pellets, and feeding rabbits wild plants. Here, in one volume, is everything the rabbit owner needs to know about feeding rabbits and improving their health through good nutrition.



About the Author
Lucile Moore, PhD, is the author of several books on rabbits. Her articles on the history, mythology, folklore, and care of rabbits have appeared in rabbit publications.
Illustrator Evonne Vey is an artist who specializes in pet portraits.



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