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What Dwells Beyond: The Bible Believer's Handbook to Understanding Life in the Universe - Second Edition by Jeffrey Mardis

What Dwells Beyond: The Bible Believer's Handbook to Understanding Life in the Universe - Second Edition

by Jeffrey Mardis

520 pages
A comprehensive Bible study of the doctrines of Extraterrestrial life.

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Category: Religion:Christianity
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About the Book
WHAT DWELLS BEYOND is not primarily about the modern alien phenomenon. This book is primarily about the King James Bible, and what it teaches regarding the theory of extraterrestrial life. In its 520 pages, you will find much more than a brief discussion on angels, fallen angels, demons, giants and monsters. You will find many lists and studies important to the born-again, Bible student in and of themselves.

  • You will read a chronological history of Extraterrestrialism, from antiquity to the present. How this concept was influenced by the events in the days of Noah, and later emerged and grew after Noah's Flood.
  • You will read about the connections between Pantheism (the belief in many gods) and the rise of Extraterrestrialism (the belief in life beyond earth). How ancient philosophy helped transform pagan religious beliefs into the modern concept of Evolution and Cosmic Pluralism.
  • You will read about Thales of Miletus, Epicurus, Copernicus, Emanuel Swedenborg, Joseph Smith, Thomas Chalmers, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Dr. Frank Drake and many others who helped shape the idea of alien life into what it is today.
  • You will read about how science fiction in movies, pulp and comics, helped birth the Space Age and further the idea of life beyond earth.
  • You will read about the biblical structure of the universe, and how the conditions of outer space play a major role in discerning the concept of other inhabited worlds.
  • You will get an illustrated, Bible-based field guide to all life forms.
  • You will read detailed information on angels, fallen angels, the ancient sons of God, cherubim, devils, Satan, other creatures, and monsters from underground.
  • You will get a detailed biblical record on the kinds of life forms which exist beyond planet earth, and what kinds of life forms travel through space.
  • You will read about the ancient and modern connections between Witchcraft and fallen angels. How witchcraft was birthed after Noah's Flood, and how it's teachings are a reflection of Noah's days, and the seeking-out of the forbidden wisdom of the fallen sons of God, and their Nephilim offspring.
  • You will read about how the ancient giants were a form of counterfeit life which the Lord was obligated to destroy.
  • You will get a detailed bible study on Counterfeit Life, how it can be produced, how it will arise in the end-times, and how it is always against the will of God.
  • You will read about the pagan practices of bestiality and its connections to extraterrestrial life and the modern hybridization of man with animals.
  • You will read about the coming rise of Trans-humanism, the advent of sentient machines, and the push for non-human rights.

WHAT DWELLS BEYOND contains thousands of scriptures, over 170 charts and illustrations, and a full searchable index. This book will show you how these issues relate to the end-times scenario and Satan's final plan for the deception of the world. Available in both paperback and Kindle formats. Don't wait, Get your copy now!


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About the Author
Jeffrey Mardis Jeffrey W. Mardis has been a born-again Christian since April, 1979; a lifelong student of the Bible; and a Christian writer and researcher since 1995. He is founder of Sword-In-Hand Publishing, a member of the Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA), and the Coalition for Independent Authors (CIA).



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