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The Sense of a Deity by Cale Rainer

The Sense of a Deity

by Cale Rainer

108 pages
An introduction to the presence of a deity.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
Cale Rainer puts in all in perspective in this astounding new look into our social origin. This is an introduction to the existence of a deity that fits the description of what religious organizations call God. It is a collection of factual and exploratory notes that serve as a testament of how people share the sense of a deity through perception of reality — a personal experience telling how they connect with a spiritual deity in their younger years, proving that, “a reality of God replaces belief in God.”

There are a number of brief explanations such as: how humans connect with a deity and why they lose the memory of it, observations of religious ritual methods of worship, how parents should convey the message of the presence of a deity to their children, and questions arise about the future of a society that might take on the direct sense of a deity origin.

This book replaces hidden meanings of myth and mysticism by presenting the truth about life in a straightforward, matter-of-fact way that comes across as very real, and is something that can be believed as inherent in each one of us. It contains no prophetic statements or unbelievable stories of miracles, just straight talk and simple explanations about where we come from and how to recapture the memory of it.

Although the content is focused more toward children than adults, it is by no means a children's book. The primary purpose is to get people, whatever their age or perspective on life, to remember the first sense of life as their origin.



About the Author
After many years of following spiritual and religious beliefs experience intervenes when Cale recalls the greatest memory of his life. Then, after another fifteen years, reveals this memory in the “Sense of a Deity.” Observations have led him to believe this to be the only definitive reference on this subject.



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