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THE EXCITING NEW CREATION: Windows on the Past by Norma Green Hickox


by Norma Green Hickox

278 pages
The New Creation is being formed by all of us.

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Category: Spirituality And Psychology:Philosophy
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About the Book
The Exciting New Creation reviews the past and some of our misinterpreted teachings before giving us a look at what our ideal future could look like. It explains many things that are not clear to us even with all the other teachings we have at our disposal, including the Bible.

The Bible is truly the Word of our Creator sent down through His communicators. The Chrysalis Teachings, the new spiritual teachings which this book is based on, are also the Word of our Creator sent down through this particular communicator. These newer spiritual teachings are much clearer to understand as they do not have the misinterpretation of centuries-old communications and have not been through the translation from other languages. Also, they are being communicated from the unseen or unmanifested state by more highly evolved spiritual beings. These new Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures.

This book gives guidelines leading into the new society which will help in all areas of restructuring, not only society as a whole but also in restructuring our individual behavior. These guidelines will give day to day help for each person as far as transmuting their attitudes. They explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings. We must get rid of preset ideas old out-dated thought forms from previous religious training! This is probably the most difficult stage and naturally must be the first stage of forming the New Creation.

We are told of Seven Gifts coming from our Creator; Seven Virtues taught by the great teacher Jesus; and Seven New Concepts as a goal for the New Creation. These will open us up in our thinking and give us guidelines for a new philosophy. We need to become Planetary Citizens and are given a Code of Ethics to help us accomplish this. We are introduced to new ways of thinking about Truth and also are told about unfamiliar Universal Laws.

A picture of the New Creation is being drawn and painted by everyone on the earth plane. Our Creator knows what this picture should be and it is up to us to see it brought forth. We are responsible for what our future will look like!



About the Author
Norma Green Hickox Norma is a professional musician - performer and composer. When composing, music and lyrics would flow through in complete form. A year later, in the same manner, she began to receive the Chrysalis Teachings which are based on the Science of Music, giving new technology and new answers to questions.



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