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Race to the Portal: Timekeepers Series - Book Two by Jennifer Fowler and Carrie Wahl

Race to the Portal: Timekeepers Series - Book Two

by Jennifer Fowler and Carrie Wahl

310 pages
The Timekeepers continue their quest to save the world.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
Now that the Timekeepers, six children of Gilgamesh, have learned the secret of their near immortality and their true destiny to save the world, even greater dangers await as they face off with their enemies, the children of Chantu. To make things worse, it soon becomes obvious that someone followed them out of the portal on their first visit to their fatherís tomb. In an adventure that spans the globe, from the Americas to the North China Plain, from the Caspian Sea to the kingdom of Hammurabi in Babylon, they begin to uncover hints to the ancient past that may help them protect the future. With Chantuís children beginning to realize the secrets the Timekeepers are protecting, it becomes a race to reach the portal in time.


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About the Author
Jennifer Fowler and Carrie Wahl Jennifer Fowler and Carrie Wahl live in the Northwest with their families, where they enjoy studying ancient civilizations.



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