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A Day to Remember by Lydia Richmond

A Day to Remember

by Lydia Richmond

26 pages
Five friends have a day to remember.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Annie and her friends - the BFFs - hang out every day. They love to play at the park, run to the candy truck for treats, and just spend time together. But on one hot summer day, they make a decision that creates a day to remember.

Join Annie, Katie, Tara, Angela, and Beth in their first adventure as they learn what it means to respect others.



About the Author
Lydia Richmond Lydia Steele Richmond is a wife, mom, teacher, and writer. She has loved to create and write since she could force her younger brother to play school. In her free time, Lydia is in the kitchen baking brownies or sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar.



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