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The Empathy Imperative by Max Furr

The Empathy Imperative

by Max Furr

452 pages
A journey into the nature of God, justice, and benevolence.

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About the Book
The final drama begins. In this philosophical/spiritual novel written by Max T. Furr,the biblical Tribulation begins. It is the Time of Sorrows and natural disasters are increasing in frequency and strength. Yet Jeff Hale, professor of evolutionary biology remains an unrepentant skeptic.

His primary concerns are neither the nationís lurch toward theocracy triggered by signs of the End, nor even the purge of liberal professors. His only interests are to enhance the intellectual maturity of his students, to find a resolution to his romantic ambivalence and to come to terms with the death of his estranged, fundamentalist father.

Yet, in an unforeseen turn of events, he becomes the focus of the greatest power in the universe and ultimately the conduit for a reversal that will affect the entire world for all time.


The Empathy Imperative is a highly readable parable on the end of the world scenario from the New Testament. The protagonist, Jeff Hale, is an erudite professor of evolutionary biology and an atheist from whose perspective the reader experiences the turbulent effects of the 'end times' foretold in the book of Revelation, culminating in a most surprising Day of Judgement.

Set in the not too distant future, the tale is told in two parts, the first building in suspense as we get to know Jeff and his life, both present and past, while catastrophic events are revealed as the background to a touching love story. The second part completely eschews reality and transports the reader to a surreal court setting that combines pure fantasy with some actual historical figures. Readers who are familiar with the bible will be particularly entertained by the ensuing court procedure while most will enthusiastically cheer the satisfying denouement.
- Mary Bramble



About the Author
Max Furr Born and raised in Wilmington, NC, Max graduated from New Hanover High School and studied philosophy, evolution, and world religions at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He is an active supporter of the Wall of Separation between church and state, and an advocate for universal empathy and reason.



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