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Hawkins Investigations - Resistance Factor by D.M. Simonds

Hawkins Investigations - Resistance Factor

by D.M. Simonds

470 pages
Two women join forces to become the Resistance Factor.

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Category: Fiction:Suspense
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About the Book
Just for a moment . . . think of your kids.

How far would you as a parent go to protect them?

In RESISTANCE FACTOR two women who have never met have an Internet predator in common, a black hat hacker known as Valin. Jenna is the only hacker to successfully put him out of commission and still breathe air, while Rose was the nurse who dabbled in his network a little too long. For Jenna to protect her son, and Rose to recover her life, and her own son, these two must overcome their fears, enlist anyone who will help them, and take care of a killer on his own turf when Lady Justice has turned away.


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About the Author
D.M. Simonds D.M. Simonds left a nursing career behind to care or her husband and during that time her eyes were opened as to the terms of “Big Pharma” and “Big Medical.” Today she is a writer, full time RV'er and researcher for those who seek the truth.



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