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RESCUED: A Guide for the Rehabilitation of Rescued Horses by Alaina Bierman

RESCUED: A Guide for the Rehabilitation of Rescued Horses

by Alaina Bierman

144 pages
A working guide for the rehabilitation of rescued horses.

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Category: Animals:Horses
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About the Book
RESCUED is a working guide written to give help to people working with rescued horses. This guide is based on Body Condition Score (BCS) along with depression, condition and movement assessments. It has the needed background so the reader can understand the basics of horse life. This data along with the information covering depression issues, condition problems and movement is designed to help grade the horses when first entering into a rehabilitation program. Each section contains charts to help understand what is going on and how to grade the individual horses.

In each chapter of the guide there are helpful hints in dealing with problems. These include depression problems, stall and pen issues along with various diets to help during recovery. There is information on dealing with starvation, obesity, neglect, and injury cases as well as other issues that have been found. Also included in the guide is information on working with blind and deaf horses that need extra help. Some medical problems are covered as well as working forms that Ravensnest Farm uses for each horse it gets in.

Working timelines and schedules have been added to the guide as well as various posters to cover insurance issues. Each of these forms and posters are normal for Ravensnest Farm and the helpers and volunteers that work with us. Also in the guide are instructions on how to work with journal pages and what information will be helpful later. Each aspect gives the reader a chance to construct their own forms to help keep track of the daily changes a rescued horse goes through.

From working with foals to senior horses the topics cover a lot of everyday problems found with rescues. Help is offered in a variety of settings from when you first get the horse to when the horse is ready to resume life in a pasture or stall. From day one to the final day of the horse being a rescue, major problems that can arise are addressed. This guide gives the reader the answers for when to call in their veterinarian, farrier or other professionals as needed.

RESCUED is a great guide for handling rescued horses through rehabilitation and is one that covers a lot of aspects of bringing the horses back. Often it has been said that the data in this guide and a working knowledge of horses is all you need but, it must be remembered, the only other thing is do it, "for the horses."



About the Author
Alaina Bierman With an on going love and research into horses, Alaina Bierman has spent most of her life with horses. For the past 40 years Alaina has been working with rescued horses. Alaina now lives on a small farm in Northern Arizona and continues to live, "for the horses."



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