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RIVER ROMANCE by Maisie Tennesen


by Maisie Tennesen

270 pages
A career woman unexpectedly finds love while rafting the wilderness.

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Category: Fiction:Romance
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About the Book
As research for her first national article, neophyte photojournalist Jonnie rafts the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, a trip filled with whitewater rapids. She's determined to do an excellent job, but she has a secret: she's afraid of lightning, of bugs, of rivers and of anything that even looks dangerous, especially in the outdoors. She has never camped or even stayed in a motel that didn't have room service. She's a complete wilderness novice.

She took on this project with no idea of the thrills and excitement she'd experience; in fact, she lied so she could get the assignment to get her promotion. Once on the river, she meets challenge after challenge both when she's on the water and when she becomes attracted to Logan, one of the friendly river guides.

Besides conquering fears she faces in the wild, Jonnie's life gets becomes complicated when she realizes she's more than just attracted to one particular guide. Right now she thinks that a serious relationship will interfere with her career. In the past, she let her own dreams of fulfilling her potential take second place to those of her significant other. Now, just when she's about to achieve her career goals, she's fallen in love. It's a pickle.

The story is set against the spectacular scenery of the Grand Canyon with descriptions of various spots along the River on the stretch from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch.



About the Author
Maisie Tennesen loves wilderness travel and has rafted whitewater rapids, canoed the Boundary Waters, and trekked through national forests. She believes that true love can be found anywhere, and that falling in love is the greatest adventure in life. She lives with her two dogs in Northern California.



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