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Beyond the Northern Horizon by Erick Connell

Beyond the Northern Horizon

by Erick Connell

190 pages
Emergency medicine on the high seas, Siberia & Alaska

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Category: Biography
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About the Book
Beyond the Northern Horizon is the true story of a young man looking for adventure who finds himself as a ship's medic onboard fishing boats sailing to Siberia and Alaska. Erick Connell is an E.M.T III working in Seattle in the early 90's for an ambulance company answering 911 calls. He finds a job on a crab boat sailing to Siberia to fish for King Crab, later on trawlers fishing off Siberia and Alaska. This is the story of the five years he worked along side and treated crews who work the most dangerous jobs on Earth, far from any hospital.

The only medically trained person in hundreds of square miles of open ocean, Erick must learn quickly how to deal with often life threatening illness and injury alone in the most difficult of circumstances. Unsure of himself at first, Erick quickly learns how to deal with the stress and long hours of back breaking work, along with intense medical situations, often in ragging storms. This is a one of a kind story not yet told, a combination of the Deadliest Catch & 911 rolled into one amazing story.



About the Author
Erick was born in Arizona 1956, and moved to Alaska at the age of 18. He has worked as a head chef on oil rigs in the Alaskan arctic, as well as various construction trades throughout the state. He has an Associates Degree from U.A.A. Erick has two children and currently lives in Anchorage.



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