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The Winbourne Affair by Foley Western

The Winbourne Affair

by Foley Western

378 pages
Legal drama with a tender romantic infusion

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Category: Fiction:Drama
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About the Book
This is the story of the rocky liaison between Mark Bloomberg and Debra Winbourne who work for a successful law firm.

The firmís slightly unorthodox way of doing business ensures that they were always at the top of their game.

They have powerful connections and do occasionally get their hands dirty behind closed doors, whilst appearing very traditional on the surface to any observer.

The owner of the firm Mark Bloomberg was going through a messy divorce.

Debra Winbourne was the innocent and unwilling third party in Markís messy love life. She was the newest member of Markís law chambers Bloomberg & Partners and she had unwittingly stepped into the row between Mark and Sasha by falling head over heels in love with Mark.

Little did she realise what complications she was letting herself in for.

She had been so excited at getting the coveted junior partnership position, as she only fully qualified three years before while completing her internship just Eighteen months before.

It was a high achievement being employed in this highly respected law firm in Manhattan New York.

Debra came from a powerful family in England, United Kingdom. Her father was Lord Winbourne a landed gentry and her mother Lady Dianne Winbourne, a third cousin of the Queen.

Lady Dianne could not understand why Debra wanted to work in New York, she believed her only daughter should have stayed in England where she would marry well,( By marry well she meant marry her own class) but Lord Winbourne had never been able to say no to his only daughter and felt the different experiences would be good for Debra.

If only Debra had realised that Markís divorce was yet to be fully finalised before she let him get under her skin.

If only she had taken time out to find out about the bitch he was previously married to, there were lots of `Ifs.`

It is said that hind sight was a twenty twenty vision.



About the Author
Foley Western is an avid reader and writer. She is an incurable romantic and started her career as a Librarian before deciding to become a writer. She is currently working on her seventh novel with five already in print.



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