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100 Essential Pad Drills for Kickboxing & MMA by Matthew Chapman

100 Essential Pad Drills for Kickboxing & MMA

by Matthew Chapman

148 pages
Essential pad training drills for kickboxing & MMA

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Category: Sports
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About the Book
This book is about getting better at holding pads and therefore getting better as a martial artist. It doesn't matter what style you practice. Everyone can benefit from improving their pad skills.

The beginning of the book contains the fundamental concepts of pad training and basic kickboxing drills for punching, kicking, kneeing & clinching.

It then covers intermediate pad drills including over 50 combinations and training variations to take your pad skills to the next level.

The book also deals in detail with how to improve defense, distancing, timing, counter attacking & trapping whilst sparring.

Striking techniques for MMA are also covered in depth. Pad drills to use standing, stop takedowns and finish with ground & pound are included.

The advanced sections of the book will show you how to use concepts like Bruce Lees 5 ways of attack, sectoring, destruction's and effective strategies for dealing with the 6 types of opponent.

With over 450 photos and detailed descriptions throughout this is a book that no serious martial artist can do without.



About the Author
Matthew Chapman is a Martial Artist who has spent over 25 years training with the top masters in the world. He has studied Kickboxing, JKD, Muay Thai, and MMA to black belt. His passion is developing pad drills that help martial artists and fighters kick butt faster and easier.



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