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Immortal Coil by James McNally

Immortal Coil

by James McNally

216 pages
When vampires do battle, it's to the death.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Think you know vampires?

Think again.

Meet Antony. He’s been around a long time. In fact, he has been residing in this immortal coil for thousands of years. Just how long, no one knows…and he’s not telling. And for centuries he has been protecting the human race from other immortals, and us. His preferred choice of prey: murderers and rapists.

When Antony finds the young runaway named David, the two join forces to satiate Antony’s need for blood. Antony refuses to change David into an immortal, no matter how much David would want to become a vampire. Together the vampire and his human handler hunt the scourge of humanity. There is only one criterion for Antony’s source of food: they must be guilty of an unpunished crime. Sometimes one might fall through the cracks, however. Ask Maggie; she was accused of a horrible crime she didn’t commit, and now she is next on Antony’s list.

Soon the vampire and his human companion cross paths with a vile immortal and the resulting clash has dire consequences; because when immortals battle, it’s to the death. And no one—not hunter, nor prey—is safe.

So come along, and take a peek inside. Don’t bother locking the door because vampires can get through any locks or security systems. And, oh yeah; forget the nonsense that vampires can only be invited in… it’s a lie.


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About the Author
The author lives in Central New York. He spent several years in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania. His son attends Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He was a victim of a robbery while working at a convenience store. The suspect was never caught.



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