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Saturday At The Bait 'N Gas by Lon Frank

Saturday At The Bait 'N Gas

by Lon Frank

212 pages
A collection of short stories, some humorous, some dark.

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Category: Fiction:Humor
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About the Book
Here's a selection of short tales straight from the imagination of a venerate story-teller. There are stories as simple as a belly laugh and some as complex as the darkest emotions of mankind. Laugh at one story about the characters of a fictional bayou community, then be surprised by the next to realize the existence of a troubled soul, a lost love or the memories of those we have forgotten - or wished to.

There are tales for every mood, every desire, every reader. Listen in as the voices change, the locations vary, characters come and go in stories like those told on the porches of the bait shacks in the bayou lands or during the dark watches of the night.

Join the group on the porch on a Saturday at the Bait 'N Gas. You'll laugh out loud, shiver at an unbidden thought, or long to explore the mountains or the bayous. Then, you'll make a mental note to come back for more.



About the Author
Lon Frank Lon Frank worked on the boats of the bayou lands as a young man, then spent a lifetime among the various ethnic peoples of Texas. His stories were gathered along the docks, cafes and back roads as he learned to love the people he met and listened to their voices.



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