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by Denise Jones

230 pages
He substituted crayons and coloring books for chemotherapy and radiation.

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Category: Health:Medicine:Cancer
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About the Book
Kindergarten and Cancer is a story about the experience of a family navigating their way through an unexpected diagnosis of cancer to the youngest member of the family. This story is written to encourage, strengthen and reinforce the power of love faith and hope within the family unit.

Kindergarten and Cancer will help enlighten friends and family members on the emotional ride the parents and siblings are experiencing. The fear of death, the fear of loss, helplessness, anger and many emotions are talked about in this book.

Kindergarten and Cancer takes you on a thought provoking journey that will help you understand the day to day struggles with work, hospitals, schools and sibling needs while working to help save the life of your child. This journey will make you laugh, cry, and remind you just how precious life is every second of the day.



About the Author
Denise Jones is the mother of the five-year diagnosed with cancer. The blessing of her son's recovery and her family's survival inspired her to share her story in hopes of helping other families cope with the emotional baggage that comes with the diagnosis.



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