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Rampage of the Glutton Monsters by John Littleton

Rampage of the Glutton Monsters

by John Littleton

72 pages
A tale about civilization's impact on our environment and natives.

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
This tale is a modern myth steeped in indigenous wisdom that attempts to deal with the devastation imposed by the modern world on our indigenous peoples and on our environment. The narrative served as a teaching tool used for many years in class to help young people understand the environmental disaster we face and the potential for transformation that might exist. Rather than a violent confrontation with the forces of greed, the tale twists on a compassionate resolution that could offer a path away from the ecological disaster we're now encountering.

Brother and sister twins, Silver Moon and Stone Eyes, must save their native village from the ravenous Glutton Monsters who wish to consume everything - including the people. These heroic twins journey to seek their spiritual roots, find their powers and confront a devastating foe in this mythical tale about saving our planet. Who are these Gluttons? Can they be transformed before they consume everything?

Questions that could be raised to our young readers might include: What can you do to help protect the natural world? Do you think the environment can be saved from destruction? What can we learn from native people about our relationship with the land? What makes someone a hero? What struggles do you encounter in your life and how do you deal with them? What will the planet look like when you grow up? Is the modern world capable of transformation into a healthier and sustainable way of life? Do you think the Gluttons are us?



About the Author
John holds master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Cultural Anthropology and has studied with indigenous teachers. He incorporated the original story into his curriculum as a teaching tool to help students understand the impact of the modern world on our native people and on the environment.



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