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Energy of Love and Intimacy by Dr. Lyubov DHS

Energy of Love and Intimacy

by Dr. Lyubov DHS

298 pages
My book is about the harmonious intimate relationship between soul mates: how to build and maintain it.

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Category: Body, Mind and Spirit
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About the Book
• Why do we sometimes feel empty after sex?
• Why do we feel disconnected even when our bodies are literally inside each other?
• Why do some of us have sexual connection with people we don’t love, or even know very well?
• Why does physical connection sometimes even distance two people?
• Why do husbands and wives keep on having poor, stale sexual interactions that don’t foster their feeling of connection with one another?
• At the same time, why do we crave physical connection with each other to such a degree?

The art of lovemaking has a long history. Human sexuality has faced numerous challenges and moved through vast changes: from open worship of female sexuality to the deep repression of the cold Victorian period, to the sexual revolution and its modern result of complete sexual permissiveness.

Today, people are looking for more than a practical partnership; they want a harmonious and satisfying relationship. If something is missing in a relationship, a man or a woman looks for it outside of marriage.

Society, parents, school and church have successfully oppressed human sexuality, so much so that people feel very uncomfortable talking openly about their sexual needs.

No one teaches us how to enjoy intimacy and make love. As a society, our collective lack of knowledge causes us many different issues in all aspects of our lives.

In this book, I’m going to lead you into a journey of pleasurable discovery you never realized was possible. Your mind, heart, body and soul are involved in your sex life, whether you aware and like it or not, whether you’re single or in a relationship.

If you struggled with any concepts in this book, please, consider whether you, too, may have come through your childhood inundated with negative notions about sex, sexuality, private parts and relations between men and women. Ask these questions: How do I respect or disrespect my body? How do I respect or disrespect people of the opposite sex? What am I most afraid of during sex? Where does my mind wander?

Are there notions in this book that make you angry, upset or uncomfortable? Read them over again. Ask yourself what makes you feel this way. The first way to get in touch with your feelings is by being honest and truthful about your reactions in daily life, in reading, and in bed.

My goal was to stimulate your mind, educate your thoughts and make you aware. There’s a huge amount of information in this book, so it is impossible to absorb it all in the first sitting. Take your time; use it as a reference. Think about the concepts and practice some of those techniques. Begin to understand yourself as a sexual and spiritual being.

Through acknowledgment and acceptance, you will come to a higher level of understanding of the Universe and your place within it. You will begin to experience a new world of possibility with your beloved.

Be Healthy with Love!
Dr. Lyubov



About the Author
An expert in human sexuality, Dr. Lyubov holds a Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality, she also has solid background from the Russian school. She speaks from her own personal life experience and professional observation when she says age is only a matter of numbers; there’s always room for growth!



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