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THE LAST KING OF LEGENDS: In the Face of Trials - Book Two by Serafia Cross

THE LAST KING OF LEGENDS: In the Face of Trials - Book Two

by Serafia Cross

338 pages
With 375 knights, Baldwin stands against the enemy--30,000 strong.

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Category: Fiction:Historical
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About the Book
King Baldwin IV--the 16-year-old leper king of Jerusalem--faces his greatest trial yet when the future he secured for Jerusalem dies. After a foreign European prince strips Jerusalem of her army to aid himself in establishing his own glory, Baldwin remains at Jerusalem alone with a small number of knights. His powerful enemy, Saladin, chooses that moment to attack.

Unable to send for help and unwilling to lose Jerusalem, Baldwin sets out to meet the enemy--willing to make any sacrifice necessary to defend his kingdom.



About the Author
Serafia Cross Serafia Cross, author of The Last King of Legends: The Kingmakers, coaches writers in the art of cinemagraphic writing--a unique writing style that thrusts you beyond the words into the world of the story. Now she continues the story of King Baldwin IV—the Leper King of Jerusalem.



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