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A Heroes' Keepsake: Memoirs of Christmas at War by Deedee Wright

A Heroes' Keepsake: Memoirs of Christmas at War

by Deedee Wright

66 pages
Stories of Christmas at war by American Heroes throughout history.

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Category: Military
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About the Book
Joy filled festivities are part of the Christmas holiday season; yet for many, Christmas celebrations do not abound. Santa doesn't make it everywhere on Christmas Eve and believe it or not; dreaming of a White Christmas is darn silly on many parts of the globe. That would include Afghanistan, Iraq and other places our troops are currently deployed. Many of us are saddened at Christmastime with empty seats at the dinner table and generations of soldiers have forgone holiday memories.

A Heroes’ Keepsake: Memoirs of Christmas at War is filled with Christmas stories throughout America’s history at war. Some tell the impact of war felt by ordinary citizens. Most are written by brave soldiers telling tales of Christmas’ far from home and void of festivities. Get to know these heroes through their stories. They are a few of many who have laid the footsteps our military sons and daughters follow.

As a humble service member said, “Do not pray for us this holiday…Pray for OUR Nation and Her people….. for only then will the life we ‘chose’ be worthwhile.” He is one of the many humble protectors of freedom you will come to know through this keepsake.



About the Author
Deedee is thankful for the freedom to be able to accumulate these stories and share them with you. She is a wife, mom, philanthropist; business executive, artist and teacher. She continues to write as well as interpret archaeology and history for visitors at Historic Jamestowne, Virginia.



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