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The Adventures of Princess Atlantis, the Musical by Mark Frank

The Adventures of Princess Atlantis, the Musical

by Mark Frank

138 pages
A fresh new juke box children's musical for all ages!

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Category: Fiction:Children
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About the Book
Follow the adventures of young Atlantis Sinclair as she discovers she’s a lost princess of a faraway land, and is whisked away by a magical balloon named Ms. Poppit to the Enchanted Lands of Deep Earth. There she meets Everyone, a feisty fairy, Joe, the gentle giant, Pink, the fastest unicorn on the planet, and Smoke, a tiny dragon.

Together, they all try to save the Enchanted Lands from the evil Spider King and Queen Lake, who want to take over the entire Earth with their powerful Sword of Darkness.

A new, fresh, children’s Jukebox musical filled with familiar pop songs that leads to a magical adventure for all ages. A story that speaks about friendships, believing in yourself, affection, jealousy, treachery, life, death, and the importance of a child having a loving forever family through foster care and adoption.



About the Author
Mark Frank is a the Director of Theatre at Coffeyville Community College. He has published four books - A Collection of Plays by Mark Frank, Volumes I, II, and III. His most recent title is a children's book, The Adventures of Princess Atlantis. He has a Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree.



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