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The Chinese Guide to American Colleges by Joyce Slayton Mitchell

The Chinese Guide to American Colleges

by Joyce Slayton Mitchell

143 pages
Description of Americaís college admissions process and 150 most interesting universities.

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Category: Education
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About the Book
The Chinese Guide to American Colleges is a best-seller in China. It is the only college guide written in Mandarin as well as in English. When you buy the Ebook on line, you can contact the publisher for a free pdf of the Chinese edition. The Chinese Guide describes the process of finding and applying to American universities. The book describes how to write the application, how to write the essay, how many colleges to apply to, how to choose a college and university. The guide describes more than 150 American universities and tells how many Asian students are enrolled, the most number of students in a major, where the students live on or off campus, and all of the things that parents and students want to know. Special features of the book tell the common mistakes that Chinese students make in applying to American colleges and universities. The chapters of the book give families all of the information and help needed to apply to college so that students can apply directly. With a copy of this Chinese Guide to American Colleges Ebook in hand, no need for families to pay an agent or go to a business for college applications.

The guide has chapters on how to evaluate the student, college testing requirements for Chinese students, how to find the colleges and universities that are best for the student, how to visit a college, how to personalize the application and essay, how to select the list of colleges to apply to, how to write the college essay, how to write the applications and how many to write, how to take a college interview, what to do if a student is waitlisted, how to apply for financial aid, how to apply for a visa, and a special chapter for parents. Part II of the book is a description of more than 150 U.S. colleges and universities.

The Chinese Guide to American Colleges has more reviews by the college admissions deans than any other college guide on the market. The admissions dean of Harvard University says, "Mitchell's wisdom makes her a legend in college admissions."

Buy this Ebook online and learn the common mistakes that Chinese students make in applications to American universities! Get your free PDF of the Chinese language from the publisher when you buy the Ebook in English.


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About the Author
Joyce Slayton Mitchell works in China with students in their public schools who plan to study abroad. She writes a college advice column in China Dailyís 21st Century, and U.S. college admissions articles in the Shenzhen Daily. Mitchellís mission is to help teenagers and their families learn more about the American college selection process so that they can write research the colleges and write a strong application and essay for study in America. Mitchell served on the Editorial Advisory Board for the College Boardís College Board Review, and on the school committee of the U.S. News & World Reportís special college issues. Joyce travels extensively throughout China giving workshops, lectures, and seminars about getting into American colleges.



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