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The Rings of Allah (2nd Edition) by Lee Boyland with Vista Boyland

The Rings of Allah (2nd Edition)

by Lee Boyland with Vista Boyland

562 pages
Al-Qaeda obtains nuclear devices and places them in U.S. cities.

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Category: Fiction:Techno-Thrillers
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About the Book
“Could terrorists attack the American homeland from within with nuclear weapons?” Lee Boyland, a nuclear engineer and businessman, asked himself. After careful consideration, he decided the answer was yes. Since no one appeared to take the threat seriously in 2003, he decided to write a story to show how it could be done. Using his extensive experience and knowledge of nuclear weapons he answered that question by writing his award winning techno-thriller The Rings of Allah, the first novel in a series that became his Clash of Civilizations trilogy. This is the second edition released in September 2012.

By incorporating accurate explanations of simple atomic bombs, and creating a plot in which al-Qaeda acquired nuclear test devices abandoned in Kazakhstan by the Soviet Union from rogue KGB officers, the reader watches as two al-Qaeda physicists with large resources convert the atomic devices into equipment, import them and place them in five American cities. A completely feasible plot. An Iranian ayatollah gains control of the plan realizes he can bring the Great Satan to its knees, establish a new caliphate, and start a war that will summon the 12 Imam.

The attack triggers the clash of civilizations that has been building for 1,400 years.

“Boyland’s novel hits the nail on the head. It can still happen today,” noted a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General who’s last posting was with the National Security Agency.

Historically and technically accurate, Boyland’s story includes characters plucked from a time when Russia’s dictator Joseph Stalin demanded nothing but success from his nuclear scientists. When America ended WWII by dropping two atomic bombs on Japan, Stalin had to have “The Bomb.” The story then jumps forward to 1990 where the Soviet Union is collapsing and then progress forward to 2006.

The novel’s main characters include an aging but cagey Soviet nuclear weapons test engineer, who harbors a priceless secret; an radicalized young American Ph.D., who is drawn into the Afghanistan jihad and becomes a conflicted soul; an al-Qaeda cell leader, who slowly slips into insanity; a beautiful blond venture capitalist, who is unwittingly ensnarled in the terrorists’ plot; an enterprising KGB officer, who is eager to profit from selling Russia’s secrets; and a retired American air force general, who learns of the terrorists plot at the eleventh hour and attempts tries to stop it.

Readers will not be disappointed in this enthralling, award winning novel and will be anxious to find out what happens to all the characters, who live on to tell the continuing story in the next two novels in Boyland’s Clash of Civilization trilogy, Behold an Ashen Horse and America Reborn.



About the Author
Lee Boyland with Vista Boyland Lee Boyland, nuclear engineer, weapons expert, and businessman, with his wife, Vista as co-author, begin their award-winning Clash-of-Civilizations trilogy with, The Rings of Allah (second edition).



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