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The Whole Truth: A Fresh Look At Reality by Sydney Self

The Whole Truth: A Fresh Look At Reality

by Sydney Self

218 pages
Ideas, discussion, and speculation relating to science and philosophy.

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Category: Science
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About the Book
The Whole Truth consists of a series of discussions of a wide variety of scientific and philosophic concepts.

Although it is based on scientific fact, it is not a text, and is not written for the academic audience; instead it is speculative in nature and discusses alternate views of a number of philosophic and scientific topics.

Among these topics are reality, time, our universe and its constituents (including space, energy and the big bang), and life.

It addresses a number of questions such as:
- What is the meaning of the phrase "the whole truth"?
- Is subjective reality a sub-set of physical reality?
- How does one know what reality really is?
- What is the relationship between what we perceive and what reality "really" is?
- From the perspective of an inanimate object, what is the nature of time?
- When, and how long, is "now"?
- Has time always passed at the same rate?
- If an object cannot travel faster than the speed of light, how does it "know" how fast it is going, and what constrains it to this limit?
- What is the topology of our Universe? Must it be essentially spherical or could it have the form of a torus (doughnut)?
- What is the nature of space? Is it real or just a mental construct?
- Is there a relationship between entropy and life?
- Could the cosmos contain more than one universe?
- Could our universe be said to exist if it contained no forms of life?
- Can a sperm be considered to be a form of life?

Some of the answers to the above questions, (and to other questions addressed in the book), may well be considered to be radical, but the intent of the book is to stimulate thoughtful discussion, not to present definitive answers.



About the Author
Mr. Self got his B.S. from MIT in 1950 and his MBA from Northeastern University in 1962. He has worked in a wide variety of industries performing duties which were primarily associated with problem solving. He is an omnivorous reader and a frequent contributor to Letters to the Editor.



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