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Gehenna Station by JR Hume

Gehenna Station

by JR Hume

228 pages
Imperial Marines struggle to defeat raptors and aliens.

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Category: Fiction:SciFi Fantasy Horror
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About the Book
Screw up bad enough, Marine, and you might find yourself on a ship bound for Hell's doorstep. Inferno. Men call it a myth. They say there is no Punishment Platoon in a desert crawling with hungry raptors. But men disappear. Some come back. Most don't. Those that do won't talk of Inferno, or raptors, or a hellhole called Gehenna Station.

Lieutenant Cord Falco has been booted out of Imperial Headquarters. His crime? The charges are somewhat murky. It's true that he found female companionship among a group of women the Duke considered to be his own, but that hardly constituted grounds for his assignment to the Punishment Platoon, Gehenna Station, Inferno.

Pondering the reasons for his banishment take a back seat to survival the moment he lands beside the isolated blockhouse that is Gehenna Station. The ranking sergeant, an android named Radix, expresses little sympathy for the Lieutenant's plight. The Marines will have their hands full trying to survive in a desert crawling with raptors, carnivorous dinosaurs planted on Inferno, along with a few other long extinct life forms from Earth, and now one of the dominant life forms on the planet.

As if raptors, the desert, isolation, and a dawning realization that a secret group operating within the Imperial military is responsible for the existence of Gehenna Station aren't enough to deal with, Falco and Radix are soon faced with a genuine alien invasion. Thus begins an arduous trek across hostile terrain with nothing but combat against overwhelming odds awaiting the Punishment Platoon.

It ain't fair? Life ain't fair. You signed up to fight, didn't you, Marine? Get your weapon and mount up.



About the Author
JR Hume lives in Colorado and writes military science fiction, fantasy, and poetry.



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